Building a Marketing Plan: A Complete Guide

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How to Write a Content Marketing Strategy Step-by-Step [w/ Strategy Template!]

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Marketing Plan Elements

Outstanding employer branding that attracts the right talents A Premium Company Profile puts your company ahead of all other similar companies in the company search. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Is your business associated with a cause? Paul Mosenson of NuSpark Marketing has a great worksheet you can use:.

Your potential followers are being marketed to by these competitors, so you need to know how to stand out in contrast. However, optimizing your content with appropriate keywords is critical to proper targeting and being findable on the Internet. Keyword research is thus a solid starting point to structure your text, images, audio, and video around, keeping in mind you never want to sacrifice the integrity of that content. The keywords you use as a foundation in your content creation should be 1 Relevant, 2 Specific, and 3 Competitive.

How do you find keywords and narrow them down to this list of ? Tap into your web analytics — what search terms bring people to your site? For more on keyword research, check out these previous Intechnic posts:. For each major content URL of your site, ensure that the keywords you identified above are present in the following elements:. To begin, describe the themes, topics, and types of content you will be marketing. Further, each individual piece of content must always have a purpose. Identify the CTA for each post, video, podcast, or image before publishing. Keeping your content marketing fresh, consistent, and committed is as important to your success as targeting the correct audience is.

To stay organized and put a workflow into place, create an editorial calendar that provides you with a schedule for what to post, when, and where. Develop a deep understanding of your audience personas. Personas are profiles or biographies on the people you plan to reach and influence. Detailing personas makes it possible to humanize your marketing and your brand through a more personalized approach to communications.

Identify assets that can be leveraged to accelerate success and fuel marketing campaigns. Accelerators can be organized by status opportunity, active , priority high, medium, low and type. Marketing strategies with the greatest potential ROI tap into and maximize existing assets. You can build entire campaigns around accelerators.

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For example, a subscriber conversion campaign could be designed to move subscribers into the lead stage. Or, you can use assets such as an ebook to add value to emails as part of a lead nurturing campaign. Want to accelerate marketing planning? List all company and industry events that may be relevant to the planning process, such as company announcements, conferences, industry report releases, product launches and speaking appearances. Keep track of milestone dates in a central marketing calendar for easy reference when building strategies. The marketing team can devise milestone-specific campaigns, as may be the case with a product launch, or use them to enhance ongoing programs, such as publishing a real-time blog post responding to a major industry study.

A campaign is a series of projects designed to achieve a goal. Campaigns have target audiences, timelines and budgets.

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  • There are two types of campaigns—builders and drivers. Builders are recurring campaigns that lay the groundwork for future success. Builder campaigns, such as blogging and social engagement, are designed to create and expand assets on an ongoing basis. Drivers are campaigns that capitalize on existing assets to generate short-term returns and are often conducted over one- to three-month periods.

    Think of builders as marathons and drivers as sprints. During the planning process, ensure your campaigns align with marketing goals, audiences, personas, accelerators and marketing milestones. Projects are a collection of activities that make up campaigns. Projects have tasks, hours or a related measure of effort to complete , and goals. Once your campaign and project centers are approved and ready for activation, move them into a project management system.

    Essentials to Creating a Powerful Marketing Plan

    In some cases, this may require manual entry of approved campaign activities, while other solutions offer the ability to import spreadsheets and automatically populate campaigns, projects and tasks. Establish a process to ensure that campaign names are consistent across analytics, project management, marketing automation and marketing planning systems. This makes it far more efficient to track and report results. The execute phase is straightforward.

    Put the plans in motion and continually test and revise. Keep resources flexible to take advantage of real-time marketing opportunities and shifts in consumer behavior. Once the foundation is in place, take a long-term approach to success with builder campaigns, such as blogging and social engagement, and use drivers to produce short-term results in leads, sales and loyalty. Monitor analytics to deliver real-time insight and adapt activities based on performance.

    6 steps of marketing planning

    Use the marketing scorecard to regularly take stock of how campaigns are performing, and shift strategies and resources as needed to maximize ROI. For complete details on all 15 steps of the process, refer to chapters 9 and 10 in The Marketing Performance Blueprint. You can also download the complementary Marketing Performance Pack workbook , which is filled with templates to help guide the planning process. For a condensed version of this process, host a Marketing Growth Hackathon.

    Our accelerated brainstorming session provides the framework and focus to help you prioritize marketing goals, and identify campaigns with the greatest probability of impacting business results in the next 90 days.