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Stroganoff de res con arroz de coliflor. Mantequilla de huevo. Plato keto de pollo con ejotes verdes. Muesli bajo en carbos con yogur y frambuesas. Estofado keto de pollo picante. In this way, organizations need for their survival conscious leaders of the impact of the decisions they make, and committed to making decisions based on contributing to the common good, serving the people of the organization and the environment in which they live.

Leaders who do not move from an individual perspective that looks solely and exclusively at their own interests. Leaders are required to commit to the growth of people and the sustainable development of the company and society. The leader as a person, gives and receives the same as it gives. The key question would be: What do we want to receive?

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What do we want to exchange? In this video, Veronique Dumont, daughter of Annie Marquier, offers us her vision on the role of leadership. Last August we had the opportunity to perform the CTT Cultural Certification Transform Action Tools Practitioner in Costa Rica, with our partner Pura Estrategia, accompanying managers, consultants and coaches, people with passion to create teams and organizations driven by Values.

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Thanks to all the participants who have made this edition possible and Welcome to the Global Network! This program, which is aimed at HR professionals and corporate development, Mentor coaches and Talent Management facilitators. If you want to continue with your training consult our complementary programs: Systemic Cultural Transformation, Get Connected, Transformation Facilitation progamme. Sixteen A total of Seven patients 9.

Values are expressed as No. A fully percutaneous vascular approach was performed in The EnVeo R delivery catheter was advanced without an additional sheath in 68 In 36 For The mm valve size was the most frequently implanted prosthesis Repositioning was attempted in 17 patients No recapture with full prosthesis removal was performed. Valve embolization requiring immediate surgical conversion occurred in 1 patient 1. Therefore, when the delivery catheter was withdrawn, it pulled the prosthesis into the ascending aorta.

Since the valve was floating in the ascending aorta and the patient was hemodynamically stable and had an intermediate surgical risk, conversion to surgery in the operating room was proposed to remove the prosthesis, and the patient concurrently underwent surgical aortic valve replacement. Postoperative recovery was complicated by a urinary tract infection resulting in bacteremia and new onset of atrial fibrillation.

Three patients 4.

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In each of these 3 patients, the first valve prosthesis was implanted at the upper limit and migrated slightly above this limit during the full valve release beyond the point of no return of the resheathing capsule.. The capsule is not fully unsheathed and the paddle is still covered by the fairly radiotransparent portion of the capsule arrow.. At 30 days, the early safety composite endpoint was observed in 8 The first died of sudden death 6 days after the TAVI procedure due to a malignant ventricular arrhythmia, which was probably related to cardiac amyloidosis that was first diagnosed at autopsy.

The patient had a permanent pacemaker implanted at day 2 post-TAVI and the transthoracic echocardiography performed the day before death showed normal systolic and diastolic function with no valve dysfunction or pericardial effusion. In the second patient, severe renal bleeding was diagnosed 12 hours after TAVI, which was stopped by coil embolization.

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However, the patient died on day 4 from multiorgan failure. With respect to the cause of the perforation, the hydrophilic 0. Alternatively, the bleeding may have been related to dual antiplatelet therapy and periprocedural anticoagulation. This death was considered procedure-related. Three other cases of nonfatal life-threatening bleeding were reported, including 2 access site-related bleedings and 1 as a consequence of lysis for stroke after the index hospitalization.

The first access-site bleeding was retroperitoneal and was related to a wire perforation of a small branch of the internal iliac artery, which occurred at the time of the crossover performed to check vascular closure. It was not seen on the final angiogram, but a computed tomography scan at day 5 performed for back pain and a drop in hemoglobin showed a retroperitoneal hematoma with active bleeding that required coil embolization of the distal branch. The second access-site life-threatening bleeding was due to a closure device failure requiring unplanned endovascular stenting of the right common femoral artery.

Four patients 5.

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In 1 patient, a nondisabling stroke was identified at 10 days following TAVI on the basis of a cerebral multislice computed tomography conducted for acute confusion. B: Paravalvular leak assessment excluding the 7 9. New permanent pacemaker implantation was required in 17 patients Indications included third-degree atrioventricular block At the present time, the only series available on Pubmed for the new generation, recapturable and repositionable self-expanding Evolut R is the CE Mark Clinical Study, 4 which involved 60 patients, who were likely selected.

Two other series included patients with the Evolut R prosthesis; outcomes were, however, not established to directly assess the safety and efficacy of this new generation device.

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All patients considered at high risk or inoperable by the Heart Team during the study period had an aortic anatomy allowing implantation of 1 of the 2 above-mentioned prosthesis. The main findings of the present study are thus the following: a The device is suitable for Although TAVI is nowadays still preferentially performed in patients at high or prohibitive surgical risk, short- and midterm mortality remains acceptable in most published series.

With respect to the recapturability properties of the Evolut R, among the 15 patients requiring valve recapture for repositioning, similarly to the CE Mark Clinical Study, 4 none experienced a periprocedural stroke. The influence of aortic valvuloplasty before TAVI on stroke incidence has become a matter of debate. Even though Pagnesi et al. In contrast, postdilatation was previously reported as an independent predictor of acute cerebrovascular events. Nonetheless, other factors including new onset atrial fibrillation might also play an important role in stroke incidence in addition to the procedure itself.

Indeed, half of the strokes 2 of 4 patients were diagnosed more than 7 days following the procedure.. Reduction in valve delivery catheter diameters combined with growing operator experience and better preoperative vascular access screening has led to a decrease in vascular complications. In the present report, vascular complications occurred in Even though vascular complications following TAVI remain frequent, percutaneous management is feasible and safe. However, the distinction between major and minor vascular complications according to VARC-2 is of primordial importance, because only major vascular complications are associated with higher mortality.

In comparison with that study, we report fairly similar life-threatening bleeding 5.

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Device success was achieved in Our results are, however, similar to those of several other recent studies using self-expanding THV with VARC-2 device success rates varying from This association was recently confirmed by a large meta-analysis. Furthermore, the optimized oversizing of the Evolut R enhances native valve cover. Finally, the nitinol frame provides consistent radial force, decreasing PVL during the days following the TAVI procedure, resulting from the continued prosthetic expansion.

This was represented in our study by the reduction of moderate PVL from 5. In total, valve recapture was performed 17 times in 15 patients to optimize prosthesis positioning and all attempts at valve recapture were successful..