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All teams that finish between and with lives remaining will receive a certificate and a badge. No badges or certificates will be given to teams that are disqualified for breaking the rules. Be Prepared. Wait, Before you register!

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Are you following the Scout motto! You must be a member of the Scout or Guide movement, and be aged between 14 and 25 years old on the 5th of July You must be able to walk a distance of up to 35 miles in open country. You will need to survive the night under the stars possibly in poor weather.

It is vital that you have the right equipment. Teams must be made up from all Explorers or all Network members.

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  7. If someone in your team drops out then the whole team is out and will need to return to base. Community Showcase More.

    Examples of “dragnet”

    Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. Joe Friday narrating : The display was almost perfect. One of the Wise Men had a chipped face, a donkey was old and broken, and the baby Jesus was missing from his manger.



    Female Suspect : You know, you're kinda sexy Joe Friday And I bet your mother had a loud bark! Con artist: Here's my badge. We always carry it. You're under arrest. Joe Friday : To a fellow cop belittling the dog program "Woof". Gannon : The more I learn about Mister Lumis, the more he sounds like the figment of someone's imagination.

    Friday : Don't knock her, Forrester, she had a reason to drink — she was married to you. Candell: I'll give you a description. A forked tongue, little beady eyes, and he slithers on his belly. You'll find him easy.

    Just look under rocks. Bill Gannon : "Take two slices of pumpernickel bread, spread one with your preferred variety of peanut butter, spread one with cream cheese, crush garlic cloves over the cream cheese side, allowing juice to drip into cream cheese to taste , join slices into sandwich form, cut into quarters and enjoy!