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I decided to put in on a google docs instead. It was taking up to much space:.

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E you must have been boooored E. Welcome to My incredibly boring Signature. I'm an ex-percussionist. I prefer mallets but I dabbled in snare and occasionally set. I read.

A lot. Mostly fantasy and sci-fi but I'll read just about anything. I write sometimes. I'm not very good at it and I'm never proud enough to share my work but it can be kinda enjoyable. I've done RP before. I don't have a lot of experience, though. If I come across as impatient or rude or anything of the sort, I apologize. I'm not good at the whole "people" thing. I have an incredibly twisted sense of humor so anything goes with me as long as it's actually a joke and it isn't directed at one specific individual.

I don't like bullies.

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I'm a high school graduate and I plan on starting class at a community college in January. Enough about "me" me, time for "HtTYD" me. Eratagh and Frightfoot. A young viking named Eratagh arrived at Berk just around Dreadfall. Eratagh refused to hurt any dragons and he swiftly became the outcast. Then, one day, Eratagh was down by the docks when a trader mentioned an island of dragon riders and presented a map.

After the trader had put the map down again he crept over and stole it. He immediately packed his things and left in a small boat, vowing to never return. Upon his arrival he began to meet the Chief, Hiccup, and his dragon but their greetings were cut short by the sound of warning horns. It was a Flightmare.

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Eratagh freed the creature and bonded with him, naming him Frightfoot. About Eratagh:. Eratagh is a cheerful rider that loves to crack jokes. He isn't happy-go-lucky but he is an optimist, and you rarely see him down. Era, like everyone else, has some problems but he tries to just ignore those feelings and make the best out of what he has. He's a pretty decent warrior, although he prefers to talk things out, and he's very handy in a pinch. About Frightfoot:. Despite his playful nature, he is loyal to a fault, and would do anything for his rider.

His favorite pastime is gliding peacefully over the ocean with Eratagh on his back. Other dragons:. Vinewing adult Deadly Nadder. Snowflake teen Goncicle. Firefly teen Monstrous Nightmare. What a horrible, candle-snuffing word! That's like saying, 'He can't climb that mountain, he's just a man' or 'that's not a diamond, it's just a rock. Finding Neverland.

I live in Italy and I love dragons, animals and art. My favorite color is blue. She's looking at you, yes, you. That's my gir l, Sky ;3. I would like to announce a contest for the best Snoggletog greeting card - they can be hand- or computer-drawn or edits of screenshots for example, of your winter dragon : - I'm not sure that we have enough participants for a dragon customization contest too, so your customized dragons can be featured on a card. The winner will be decided by vote and will get a signature decoration don't worry, it will be better than the one in my signature, as I barely spent any time on it and their card featured on "The Journal" as the official Sunwings Snoggletog greeting.

To participate, post your cards as a reply to my next post with the subject "Card" very imaginative, I know by the 5th of January. You can make multiple submissions. Please post your card submissions as a reply to this post.

Dutch Winter Wonderland

Be careful! Please don't reply to each others' posts as people might need to edit! The weather this winter was so cold one day - a baby nadder froze solid don't worry he thawed out ok later.

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The farm is not only well decorated,. I really like the idea of the planting plot division. As of tomorrow, I will be leaving for a place with no internet this was not in my plans at the beginning of break, but oh well. I am not sure when I will be back - probably in weeks. I strongly encourage you to post your best "memories" screenshots - I can't really make a clan banner with only my own.

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Also take part in the card contest - I'll set up voting once I'm back :. Happy New Year in advance :D! I want to officially announce the close of the Winter Wonderland events and present everyone with the first Sunwing Voyagers collectible:. This is a new feature I'm installing this year and you can find out more and a cabinet to keep it in on our Journal page. Have a great year! Pls don't reply directly to this post. Skip to Main Content Area. Log in or Create an Account. Sunwing Winter Wonderland Login or register to post comments 12 replies [ Last post ]. Login or register to post comments.

Three million lights and Puff the Magic Dragon

Festive Farms. I know right? Prepare yourselves. I also play Rise of Berk I would like to add that the Fanfiction 'A Matter of Perspective' by Squiid is really good you should read it : It's about Viggo's backstroy Harry Potter i am completly nuts about this and have always been, and if you are too, I always love to talk to other Potterheads! Pet Peves: Judging other people swearing insulting on purpose, sometimes people do it on accident, but as long as they apoligize they should be forgiven. Bugging I may get mad if you do these.

I'm a Mormon!

http://pierreducalvet.ca/214638.php Sunwing Voagers! Thunderclan warriors! Thank you! Your art is awesome! CloudStream My Woolly Howl and my favorite, don't tell the others! Thanks BoomBox74! She's adorable! Dragon Screenshots I decided to put in on a google docs instead. I also listen to a lot of music. Just about anything. If I was straight, my cat would be my wife. About Eratagh: Eratagh is a cheerful rider that loves to crack jokes. Deep inside, her Dragon coiled through her veins with a tight, bitter worry. Any word from him yet? Your friends are going to have a fantastic time this week at the Hotel.

Everything is taken care of, I promise.

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If I can use that to better your situation — I will. I get time when we sleep together at night.