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Some he keeps from others. Some he keeps from himself.

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One secret: Ronan can bring things out of his dreams. And sometimes he's not the only one who wants those things. Ronan is one of the raven boys - a group of friends, practically brothers, searching for a dead king named Glendower, who they think is hidden somewhere in the hills by their elite private school, Aglionby Academy. The path to Glendower has long lived as an undercurrent beneath town.

But now, like Ronan's secrets, it is beginning to rise to the surface - changing everything in its wake. Cronise: Yeah, we always try to take it somewhere new.

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Is that something that comes naturally? Yeah, definitely comes naturally to me. Everybody else with this new stuff was totally feeling it and on the same page.

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And for us, I just wanted to take more time off and clear out the cobwebs, not have anything scheduled and not think for a while. Doing that we were able to approach it in a fresh way. What were you really into for this record? Our listening tastes definitely jump around a lot. Phil Lynott from Thin Lizzy is probably one of the greatest lyricists. Robert Plant is super apt. I was listening to a bunch of Houses of the Holy and some of IV the other day, and the way he jumps from perspectives that can be sensual to fantastical is outrageous.


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Oh yeah! While still always being Robert Plant above anything, being super sexual and sleazy can do sensitive and poetic lyrics. Fewer bands seem to experiment with their sound too much, I think that has to do with the nature of the times we live in though.

Especially when you get into metal, sometimes growth is seen as a bad thing. And now that transfer of info is a lot more based in recommendations. What made you want to move away from self-producing? One thing that really sticks out for me is Maggie Stiefvater's writing style.

The Raven Cycle #2: The Dream Thieves

She writes very poetically, which may annoy some, but I personally enjoy it because it's a hard thing to pull off and it makes her stand out from other YA fare. The Raven Cycle books read like they're trying to escape from the bounds of their genre; there's something classy about them for me that transcends the other YA fare.

Altogether, The Dream Thieves was a great read for me. It wasn't the most action-packed, but the character development and beautiful writing style made up for it.

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Fans of the first book will almost certainly be eager for more, and all I can say if you have yet to read this series is to go do so now! Want to tell the world about a book you've read? Join the site and send us your review!

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