European Union: The Basics

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F Law Open Reserve. From the "Concise Hornbook" Series.

European Union: The Basics : Alex Warleigh-Lack :

F67 Law Stacks. This is a study guide for British law students.

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European Law, 2d ed. S Law Stacks. A well-organized introductory title.

What is Brexit?

Chapter 4, "Fundamental Rights," has a good overview of the European human rights mechanisms. Major Official European Union Web Sites These are sites for the European Union as a whole, for some of its constituent bodies, and for its laws and legislation. The Council is sometimes also called the "Council of Ministers. It negotiates and adopts legislative acts in most cases together with the European Parliament through the ordinary legislative procedure, also known as 'codecision'. Codecision is used for policy areas where the EU has exclusive or shared competence with the member states.

European Parliament The EU's only directly-elected body. It shares legislative powers with the Council of the EU.

Politics of the European Union

Prelex can help you research legislation and decisions under consideration. The European Council has no legislative powers. Includes the Official Journal of the European Union. Also includes EU treaties and international agreements.

Eur-Lex also has access to case law from to the present. Learning More About European Legal Research For more extensive, detailed advice on researching European law, consult the following sources. European Union Research Guide Covers background information, legislation, case law, news, and more. By the Georgetown Law Library.

Research Guide: European Union Legal Materials Lots of good how-to advice covering EU institutions, news, background information, legislation, case law, and more. Event Details: 26th April - 29th April Find out more about this event:.

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European Law: The Basics

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