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At times, GW had me laughing out loud; certainly in the last quarter, I noticed that it became deeply affecting and bittersweet. Enid and Rebecca seem to drift apart when they realise they are heading towards different things and forces the reader to ask questions about their own friendships and how strong they really are. Clowes covers myriad themes in GW from identity which might explain Enid's ever changing haircut , sexuality Enid and Rebecca are frequently labelled as lesbos , belonging either together or with other people and family Enid's family, in particular, is pretty complicated.

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Ghost World is a richly detailed story full of wonderful scenes and razor-sharp wit, and will be definitely revisited again and again and again. I think all that's left for me to do now is to hunt down and devour some more of Clowes's work. A superb read for those who want a hilarious, teenage angst-ridden and heart-warming story. Nov 02, Kim rated it liked it Shelves: the-kids-are-all-right. I had heard great things about this and was on board until I found out it was a graphic novel.

Okay, don't hate me, but something abou graphic novels turns me off. Right from the get-go. It's completely shallow.

The film contain examples of:

I wish I could tell you why. Maybe it has to do with the fact that when I was 16 my best friend was into them. And when I say 'into them' what I really mean is that she found a boy she liked who liked comics so she had to know absolutely everything there was to know about the genre and i I had heard great things about this and was on board until I found out it was a graphic novel.

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And when I say 'into them' what I really mean is that she found a boy she liked who liked comics so she had to know absolutely everything there was to know about the genre and it was the most pretentious thing ever. My God, I think I made a breakthough. Anyway--as I was saying, I wasn't really looking forward to this, and even the first 50 pages were ho-hum, but somewhere within the hour it took me to finish this it got under my skin.

I guess that whole relationship between Enid and Rebecca hit home. Oh, and I don't need to hear how great Scarlet Johansson was in the movie either. And it sort of freaks me out that it was written by a guy. Okay, I'm done now. Apr 07, Cindy rated it liked it Shelves: graphic-novel.

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Don't hate me, Jayme! I liked it but didn't love it.

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They have no plans for the future, so they wallow in their silly lives, pushing around everyone around them. Really, they are flailing in that teenage angsty way. Everybody sucks, everything is lame - but if it's extremely lame, then it becomes cool again. It's up to each hipster chick to convince the other that whatever they're into is lame. Then it's time to tug on the friend to do something bizarre because it will be amazing.

Ghost World

It's really quite dark. But then it has the flashes of hilarity. Also, I'd like to point out that Clowes is a middle-aged dude writing teenage girls perfectly. I saw him at a book festival recently, and he mentioned that he doesn't consider Ghost World as his best work. It just happens to be his most well-known work because of the movie. Which I never saw, because I roll like that. Also, he mentioned the distribution rights are all messed up, and that's why there's no DVD, for what it's worth.

I just can't decide if the book is just depressing or maniacally genius. That's more than enough to make me read more Clowes. You know, the one next to the indie record store that only has vinyl albums you've never heard of. Yeah, around the corner from the Apple store. View all 6 comments. Oct 13, Lea rated it really liked it Shelves: , , graphic-novel-comic. I re-read this on a whim and I'm certain I did not enjoy it this much 4 years ago.

It's beautifully drawn and such an accurate description of a co-dependent adolescent best friendship. The ending made me so sad Probably some middle-age loser living in his mom's basement. So, touche' Enid. But I am writing this one in my own home, the double-mortgaged one. So, sweet Enid, allow one chink to open in that wall of rebellion you've built of your nagging insecurities and youthful fears and have some slight sympathy for this middle-aged dork and allow him to praise you and the Ghost World that you inhabit.

First, Ghost World , the film adaptation of this s graphical, is one of my favorite movies of the last decade.

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It was inevitable that I would read the original. At first, I wasn't liking the book as much as the film, but as I read, I was slowly captured by its spell, its mood, its wisdom. There are substantial differences between this and the movie, so I'd recommend both, as adjunct and complementary works. The biggest difference is the prominence of the Bob Skeetes character in the movie renamed Seymour and played by Steve Buscemi in the film. In the book, he is a minor character, and yet he looms as a kind of spectre over the whole thing.

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  6. Clowes does not forget him, and by the end of the novel he comes back for a key scene. In the book he's a fortune-teller, which ties into the idea of the uncertain future that lingers hauntingly throughout the book. As it happens, Enid is smarter than Skeetes, and she knows the future better than he does. And no wonder she is resistant to moving forward into it.


    She knows it is a banal one, in which friends drift apart. In which dreams, if one has them at all to start with, fade into the boring practicalities of survival and selling-out. It is also a book about the hopelessness of recapturing the certainties of the innocent past. Of re-listening to old children's records to try to once again feel the wonder of a hopeful world, of re-visiting the tawdry tourist-trap dinosaur village in hopes of futilely reliving barely remembered wonders.

    It is also about the casual cruelties of youth, the discovery of the blithe and heedless hurtfulness of casual insults. The realization that self-satisfying and self-satisfied sarcasm extracts its price, not just on others but on the wielder of the cosmic joke. It is also about the sameness of places and people.

    And wishing it weren't so. About fake 50's nostalgia diners where the pop cultural mix is so fragmented and people's perceptions so blunted that nobody seems to realize that all the songs on the jukebox are from the s. It's about a place in the mind and the heart, where, despite all of this, there is a ghost bus that still, just maybe and just might, stop for us one last time and let us ride away to somewhere magical.

    I loved this. Oct 16, Sam Quixote rated it it was amazing. I thought on re-reading it with my teen years behind me that the book would seem silly but I was pleasantly surprised to find the book still remains funny, clever, heart-wrenching, and compulsively vibrant throughout. The story follows two teenage girls, Edie and Becca, as they contemplate the void following high school graduation and the uncertain future that lays ahead. The book is also a brilliant portrait of two best friends and their complex relationship and is a paean to friendships held in our youth, and how finding out our true selves and desires can break these friendships and lead us far from the people we once were.

    Clowes does a fantastic job of creating these two rich characters, giving them moments of pathos, levity, and reality. And anyway there are too many excellent points about this book for any hipster nonsense to overshadow. Edie and Becca are perfectly realised characters and their story is real, haunting, relatable, tragic, and wonderful.

    May 30, christa rated it liked it.