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Understanding this paradox is at the root of free choice and human responsibility, and is the key to healthy marriages that last a lifetime. Kabbalistic Secrets for Lasting Relationships. His journey ultimately led him to convert to Judaism and serve in the Israel Defense Forces. I Am the Son of a Nazi. Their bodies were found the next day. The boys had been brutally stoned to death in a cave in the heart of the Judean desert.

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The Blessing of a Broken Heart. How we speak determines the type of human beings that we are. This class demonstrates how to properly communicate feelings of need, hurt and criticism in a constructive and loving manner based on a five-step process according to Chassidic and Kabbalistic philosophy. Learn how the Torah guides us in this most rewarding yet incredibly difficult task. On Being Chosen. Liking the People You Love. The Path to Lasting Happiness. Cremation or Burial?

The session concludes with a practice meditation. Mindfulness and Jewish Meditation. There he witnessed unspeakable atrocities, but he also witnessed amazing acts of faith. In this moving and powerful talk, Rabbi Mangel tells his firsthand account of what he saw. Many viewers may find details described to be extremely disturbing.

Viewer discretion advised. Chabad at Oxford. How is this different than the Jewish legal approach? Symposium on Intellectual Property Law. How to Have a Great Marriage. When must it be kept private? An overview of the primary sources in Torah, Talmud and Jewish Law governing the rules of confidentiality and privacy. Confidentiality and Privacy. Maimonides wrote many treatises in how to take care of one's health.

But what would Maimonides say about modern medical issues? Maimonides and Modern Medical Issues. Schneerson, on the occasion of the anniversary of his passing. Dershowitz at Chabad. What is Chabad? What did the Alter Rebbe accomplish? How can we apply his teachings today? Intelligent Faith. Practical advice for getting out of the resentment rut. Transforming Anger. Does He care whether or not we do mitzvot? Is being vulnerable a weakness? Rabbi Friedman tackles these questions and more as he describes the Jewish view of an omnipotent G-d who asks us to serve Him.

A Vulnerable G-d? Why Does Marriage Fail? The Meaning and Symbolism of the Sacrifices. The Challenge of Childrearing. The Faithful Shepherd. Leading a Spiritual Renaissance. Mastering Emotional Intelligence. Jewish Emotions. But when the Nazis began their gruesome work, they were ruthlessly efficient, and two-thirds of the Jewish population perished at their hands.

Leslie Meisels went through hell together with his parents and siblings, but miraculously they survived. Miracles Amid the Horror.

Moshiach's Principle Goal

By being calm, we trust that what is in store for us will be positive, and we become solution-oriented rather than emotion-oriented. How to Become Calmer.

Addressing the challenge of human weakness and guilt, Rabbi Manis Friedman offers a fresh perspective based on the teachings of Tanya chapter Sadness, Sin, and Temptation. Not only does our behavior influence our surroundings, even our thoughts can have a real impact on our environment. The Power of Positive Thinking. The Science of Shabbat. Is There Life on Other Planets?

Uncovering the quintessential relationship between G-d and man, which mirrors our very own marriages, sheds light on this most challenging topic. The Kabbalah of Marriage.


Hassidic Courts

Growing Older. The Spirituality of Gender. Just One Deed. Why I Cover My Hair. Words of Inspiration in Tribute to Rabbi Berger. The results are just too uncanny to be written off as coincidence. The Sixth Millennium. My Unexpected Return to Judaism. Healing Secrets of the Sages. Rabbi Forma shares his unique perspective on equality, and argues that when properly understood, it can help make your marriage succeed. Estelle Laughlin shares her horrific Holocaust story and how she was surrounded by the heroism of special people who kept their hearts and spirit.

Best Known for Mad, Also Read by Chabad Youngsters

Despite her ordeal, she asserts, we can find our own light even in the darkest lives. Finding Light Despite the Darkest Darkness. Farbrengen Webcasts for Tammuz 3. Miriam Lipskier. Timeless Leadership.

BaMidbar-Shavuot - Chabad of the West Side

Featured guest speaker: Joe Lieberman. An Evening of Vision, Music and Inspiration. Preparing for a Better Tomorrow. My Experiences with Chabad and the Rebbe.

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  5. What is the legal basis for targeted assassination? A contrast between contemporary, secular legal thought and the Torah's judicial system. The Bin Ladin Killing. The Rebbe on Education and Parenting. The Rebbe as a Role Model. Welcoming G-d in Sweden. A Rabbinic Mystic and Communal Leader. Ira Weiss was entrusted to treat the Rebbe, which led to a special personal relationship for many years. Do you know how to respond to all the lies?

    This powerful presentation will empower you with the facts to defend Israel from the rising tide of anti-Semitism and the hate-filled accusations, because silence is no longer an option. Debunking the Myths of the Arab-Israeli Conflict. Marking his bar-mitzvah by wearing tefillin, he miraculously survived the infamous Death March and went on to live a life of communal devotion and extraordinary scholarly achievement.