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Hopefully they realize how literature can criticize and eventually change the status quo. They ought to be able to write an essay and create an characterization. They should be able to verbalize their thoughts and built an argumentation on facts. They are to handle a debate and its requirements and preparation. Unterrichtsskizze zu "The Tortilla Curtain" von T. Boyle Lesson Plan, 7 Pages, Grade: 2,3.

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  6. Read the ebook. Boyles " We called her, wdth a great deal of respect, a hoor-lady. She had the reddest cheeks in town, and she made tomato sandwiches for us some- times.


    American Passages - Unit Migrant Struggle: Authors

    Now in the little house where the piojo and his sister the hoor-lady lived, the faucet at the sink was broken off. A wooden plug had been pounded into the pipe to keep it from leaking. The water for cooking and drinking was drawn from the toilet. There was a tin dipper on the floor to get it out. When the water was low, you simply flushed the toilet and there was a new supply. No one was allowed to use this toilet as a toilet. Once when we sequestered a colony of pollywogs in the bowl, the hoor-lady gave us hell and then flushed them down the sewer.

    Perhaps this is shocking.

    It doesn't seem so to me. Perhaps it is quaint— God help it.

    by John Steinbeck

    I have been subjected to decency for a long time, and still I can't think of the hoor-lady as that nastiest of words a prostitute, nor of piojo's many uncles, those jolly men who sometimes gave us nickels, as her clients. All of this gets around to the point that this is not an introduction, but a conclusion. I wrote these stories because they were true stories and because I liked them.

    But literary slummers have taken these people up with the vulgarity of duchesses who are amused and sorry for a peasantry. These stories are out, and I cannot re- call them. If I have done them harm by telling a few of their stories, I am sorry. It will not happen again. Adids, Monte. John Steinbeck. June, How Danny, home from the wars, found himself an heir, and how he swore to protect the helpless 17 n.

    How the poison of possessions wrought with Pilon and how evil temporarily triumphed in him 35 rv. How Jesus Maria Corcoran, a good man, became an unwilling vehicle of evil 47 v. How three sinful men, through contrition, at- tained peace. How the Friends solaced a Corporal and in re- turn received a lesson in paternal ethics XI.

    How, under the most adverse circumstances, love came to Big Joe Portagee xn. How Danny brooded and became mad. Of the sadness of Danny. How Danny was Translated xvn. How the Talismanic Bond was burned. And this is the story of how that group came into being, of how it flourished and grew to be an organization beautiful and wise. In the end, this story tells how the talisman was lost and how the group disintegrated.

    Tortilla Flat

    In Monterey, that old city on the coast of California, these things are well known, and they are repeated and sometimes elaborated. Danny is a nature god and his friends primitive symbols of the wind, the sky, the sun. Monterey sits on the slope of a hill, with a blue bay below it and with a forest of tall dark pine trees at its back. The lower parts of the town are inhabited by Americans, Italians, catchers and canners of fish.

    These are the paisanos. They live in old wooden houses set in weedy yards, and the pine trees from the forest are about the houses. The paisanos are clean of commercialism, free of the complicated systems of American business, and, having nothing that can be stolen, exploited or mortgaged, that system has not attacked them very vigorously.

    Tortilla Flat Lesson Plans

    What is a paisano? He is a mixture of Spanish, In- dian, Mexican and assorted Caucasian bloods. His an- cestors have lived in California for a hundred or two years. He speaks English with a paisano accent and Spanish with a paisano accent. When questioned con- cerning his race, he indignantly claims pure Spanish blood and rolls up his sleeve to show that the soft inside of his arm is nearly white. His color, like that of a well- browned meerschaum pipe, he ascribes to sunburn.

    Tortilla Flat - Hedy Lamarr & John Garfield

    Danny was a paisano, and he grew up in Tortilla Flat and every one liked him, but he did not stand out par- ticularly from the screeching children of Tortilla Flat. His grandfather was an important man who owned two small houses in Tortilla Flat and was respected for his wealth. If the growing Danny pre- ferred to sleep in the forest, to work on ranches and to wrest his food and wine from an umvilling world, it was not because he did not have influential relatives. Danny was small and dark and intent. Now when Danny was twenty-five years old, the war with Germany was declared.

    Danny and his friend Pilon Pilon, by the way, is something thrown in when a trade is concluded— a boot had two gallons of wine when they heard about the war. Big Joe Portagee saw the glitter of the bottles among the pines and he joined Danny and Pilon. As the wine went down in the bottles, patriotism arose in the three men. And when the wine was gone they went down the hiU arm in arm for comradeship and safety, and they walked into Monterey. In front of an enlistment station they cheered loudly for America and dared Germany to do her worst. He remained to enlist them.

    The sergeant lined them up in front of his desk.