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By those standards it was quite revolutionary and it did stand out to those with ears to hear. Only Duophonic. For purists like me its great that there was no stereo version of Love Me Do. So George Martin would have been most keen to closely supervise the final mixes of the mono versions of the songs because these would be listened to by the vast majority of the record buying public.

He may have even farmed out the stereo mixing to an assistant or if he did do it himself it would not have been a meticulous process. All that changed with Sgt Pepper although even here to my ears the mono mix is the superior sound. However it was totally different in the US. Also worth noting, the mono mixes available in North America were not necessarily the same as the UK mono mixes. It would be great if someone drew together all of these alternate mixes onto one album. I find it interesting that they even exist.

Abbey Road is the first and only contemporary Beatles album to have been mixed in the first instance for stereo.

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Could you and Mark Lewisohn both be correct? He said that EMI destroyed the four-track master tape of the Ringo version, which implies that in they no longer thought it was good enough to use. Everything before was done on 2-Track. The Please Please Me album was recorded in a day and there are no know re-take of the songs of the album with the exception of Love Me Do. As I remember, they recorded twist and shout in one go for the last time because John can only sing one last song on that session before his vocal chords rip apart.

I love you. It was in Canada.

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I find it interesting how simple this song is, but how much different it could be in arrangement. I wonder was it different in studio. To my understanding it was same music-different lyrics. It was 60s french girl pop style. A very nice version actually.

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Same title, different song, released ironically on Capitol here in the US Capitol to be precise. Just a little oddity I found interesting…. I would just like to know, with everybody so busy, WHO is doing the hand clapping no double tracking? So simple…. It re-opened my eyes in the simplest purest way. John is the star of this song with his lead vocals throughout the verses and instantly recognizable harmonica riff.

This is the trend now….. Tiresome and cliched. I loved records, 8-tracks, cassettes and then CDs. But I will never be foolish enough to say 8-tracks were better than CDs. Besides, they are all just blank canvases, and only as good as the material put on them. But as technology improves, so does the potential for cleaner, more pristine sound reproduction. To say otherwise is to be a slave to the current fad of denouncing everything new and glorying everything old. I think you should credit handclaps to the song, as they are clearly heard on 4 September version in the harmonica solo.

Had a good laugh playing the Pete Best version from Anthology 1 tonight. You could understand why the boys wanted Ringo in the band! Basically a Paul song. On the word DO, Paul slightly over pitches the intended G note. It may have been beacuse of the first experience adjusting to singing on pitch while listeneing to yourself on headphones and a combination of coming back in after a break in singing while John blew his solo.

Just to complicate matters — the Andy White version appeared on pressings of the Love Me Do 45 from late on !!!!! Looks like two of the former colonies knew something great before mother England. Oh yes right. You discovered Please Please Me even before that.

Well, I wish we were as smart in November, as we were in !! So, there are three different recordings released of Love Me Do. All are in mono. It seems unlikely that John would have sung the line if it was all Paul, as John essentially stated, first in and again in Paul wrote the main structure of this when he was 16, or even earlier. I think I had something to do with the middle.

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Love Me Do is Paul's song. He wrote it when he was a teenager. Let me think.

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