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Ardal announced that he was leaving the show after series nine, four years after taking on the role of DI Jack Mooney. It's been a hugely rewarding and unforgettable experience, working with incredibly talented actors, directors and crew while discovering a magical part of the world. However, it's time to move on and explore other opportunities - preferably nearer the Arctic Circle.

We had no warning! Season eight of Death in Paradise shocked fans after Josephine's character Florence Cassell left the island following a dramatic turn of events. Although she recovered from her injury, Florence was unable to stay on the island with the memory of her love, and so left to go travelling. Fans were devastated by her exit, with one writing: "Nooo Florence, sad to see her go, hope she'll be back," while another added: "Gutted to see you leave!

The show has been commissioned for two new series - here's everything we know so far

So glad Florence wasn't killed off. That would of being too much to deal with on my favourite show.

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Josephine opened up about leaving the show herself, explaining: "Just a message to just say thank you and goodbye. For those who watched episode six you now know I'm leaving Death in Paradise. I quit the show for personal and professional reasons - nothing dramatic I swear!

Everything is fine it's just that I've been working on Death in Paradise for five years I loved every minute every minute of it. I'm going to miss the show, I'm going to miss Toby and Ardal and Shyko and everyone so it's been a tough decision, but that's life. Danny was the most constant thing about Death in Paradise, having appeared in it since it began in However, the Strictly star, who played Officer Dwayne Myers, wanted to leave so he could go to performing in theatre.

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I needed a bit more razzmatazz in my life, and then along came Strictly! These stories were poor from the first page.

If Patterson himself would have written them, I would have been very disappointed. However, it's my understanding that Patterson comes up with the concept, maybe even the outline, and the guest authors do the rest.

Murder in Paradise

Whose name goes on the cover? Only Patterson, because his name sells. Very disappointed. The 3 mysteries in this book were all what I considered good reads.

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I enjoyed each one, especially since each mystery did not contain the unnecessary foul language that Patterson's novels usually do. I don't always read James Patterson thrillers.

My husband told me he recommended this one and I'm so glad he did. A combo of 3 "novellas," each about pages, and written by Patterson with three different authors. I'm hoping Patterson collaborates with them again. Each of the three stories was good, but my husband told me that they progressively get better and he, again, was correct. Trust that each of the stories is a "page turner" and you'll want to keep reading.

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A really good light summer read. Highly recommended. There was murder,not so much paradise. Sara played DS Camille Bordey in the first four series' of the show, and departed the series just one episode after Ben's exit after her character moved to Paris. Speaking about her departure to What's on Tv, she explained: "Yes tremendously hard. You should always go forward and take new challenges. The unknown is so seducing, although it's scary!

Gary played Fidel Best for the first three seasons of the show before moving on. Although he hasn't opened up about his decisions behind exiting the show, Kris Marshall told Digital Spy : "I understand where he is coming from. I was just the same when I was younger. He wants to move on. In the season four opener, it was explained that Fidel had left St Marie after being promoted and moving to St Lucia. Kris played Humphrey Goodman between seasons three and six, but ultimately quit the show when his young children began to start school, meaning that it would have been more difficult to take them to the Caribbean for filming every six months.

He told Radio Times : "Every year except last year we took Thomas out with us. The only reason they didn't come out last year was because my daughter was born and she was only three months old when filming started.

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Thomas has basically spent half his life in the Caribbean. Every year he went to the same nursery in Guadeloupe. But now it's time for him to put on scholastic shackles and toe the line. Two seasons after his departure, his former co-star Tobi Bakare has said he can't imagine the star returning since the show has evolved, telling HELLO! The show evolves and because it evolves it just has to do what it has to do.

Of course I'd love to work with him again, would I like to see him in Death in Paradise?