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Article 5 Uniform Criminal Extradition Act Definitions Fugitives from justice; duty of governor Form of demand Governor may investigate case Extradition documents; contents Extradition of persons not present in demanding state at time of commission of crime Issue of governor's warrant of arrest; its recital Manner and place of execution Authority of arresting officer Duty of arresting officer; application for writ of habeas corpus; notice Noncompliance with preceding section; classification Confinement in jail when necessary Arrest prior to requisition Arrest without a warrant Commitment to await requisition; bail Bail; in what cases; conditions of bond If no arrest made on governor's warrant before the time specified Forfeiture of bail Persons under criminal prosecution in this state at time of requisition Article 6 Authority of Peace Officers Outside Geographical Area of Agency Authority of peace officers Mutual aid agreements Provisions cumulative and supplemental Indian police; powers; qualifications Cross-certification of federal peace officers; policy; powers; qualifications; liability; records.

Article 8 Search Warrant Definition Grounds for issuance Conditions precedent to issuance Examination on oath; affidavits Issuance; form of warrant; duplicate original warrant; telefacsimile Service of warrant; breaking and entering to execute Time of service; exception Time of execution and return Receipt for property; definitions Retention of property Return of warrant and inventory; copy of inventory Controverting grounds of issuance; procedure; restoration of property Filing and transmittal of papers Unlawful procurement of search warrant without probable cause Unlawful search or seizure; admissibility of evidence; definitions.

Article 9 Search of the Accused Search of accused by magistrate. Article 10 Disposition of Seized Property in Custody of Magistrate or Peace Officer Disposition and return of stolen or embezzled property Delivery of unclaimed stolen or embezzled property to county sheriff. Article 11 Preliminary Hearings Order of commitment; duty of officer Compensation of court reporter appearing at preliminary hearing; fees for transcribing notes. Article 12 Bail Offenses not bailable; purpose; preconviction; exceptions Article 13 Trials Compromise of misdemeanors and petty offenses; domestic violence; effect of order of dismissal; exceptions and limitations Waiver of jury by consent of parties Procedure where proof shows higher offense; effect Effect of acquittal on merits Title of affidavits or depositions Harmless error Admissibility of confessions Admissibility in evidence of eye witness testimony Article 14 Procedures on Issue of Insanity of Defendant Detention of defendant during insanity; restoration to sanity Expenses of maintenance of insane defendant as county charge Examination of defendant pleading not guilty by reason of insanity; privilege inapplicability; reports Commitment; hearing; jurisdiction; definition.

Article 16 Costs, Fees, and Disposition of Fines and Forfeitures Costs of criminal action on removal before trial Costs of transmittal of records of prosecution to another county upon discovery that trial court is without jurisdiction Counsel assigned in criminal proceeding or insanity hearings; investigators and expert witnesses; compensation Fees for expert witnesses in sanity hearing; fees of physician examining defendant alleging pregnancy as cause for not pronouncing sentence. Article 17 Insanity or Pregnancy of Person Under Death Sentence Competency to be executed; definition Determining competency Recovery of competency Untimely or successive motions Procedure upon discovery that prisoner under death sentence may be pregnant; examination Proceedings subsequent to examination for pregnancy.

Article 18 Appeals Right of appeal Appeal by state Appeal by defendant Expense of record or transcript upon appeal by indigent as county charge Power of supreme court on appeal from judgment of conviction Power of supreme court to correct and reduce sentence upon appeal by defendant Power of supreme court on appeal by state Failure of appellant to prosecute appeal; effect Divestiture of jurisdiction of supreme court after remission of minute entry and decision; exception Fee of counsel assigned in criminal proceeding or insanity hearing on appeal or in postconviction relief proceedings; reimbursement Appellate proceedings; request for extension; victim notification.

Article 19 Entry of Clearance on Records Entry on records; stipulation; court order. Article 20 Competency and Privileges Competency of witness Anti-marital fact privilege; other privileged communications Competency of female concerned in certain offenses; effect of marriage to accused Order compelling person to testify or produce evidence; immunity from use of such evidence; contempt Prohibition on psychological or psychiatric examination to determine credibility Privileged communication; sex offender treatment; exception.

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Article 21 Attendance of Witnesses Subpoena; issuance; duty of clerk Service of subpoena Refusal to attend, be sworn or testify as contempt Attendance of witness; liability for nonattendance; appearance bond forfeiture Removal of prisoner to attend as witness; procedure; duty of sheriff Allowance of expenses of out of county or indigent witness. Article 22 Material Witnesses Definition of material witness Material witness bond Material witness; detention; release Material witness deposition; time limits.

Article 23 Uniform Act to Secure the Attendance of Witnesses From Without a State in Criminal Proceedings Definitions Summoning witness in this state to testify in another state Witness from another state summoned to testify in this state Exemption from arrest and service of process Uniformity of interpretation Short title.

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Article 24 Deposition of Witness Within the State Witness for defendant Grounds for examination; application Order for examination; notice; proof of service Attendance of witness; testimony; transmittal Use of deposition at trial; objection to testimony. Article 25 Deposition of Witness Without the State Witness for defendant; grounds; application; issuance of commission; stay of trial Interrogatories and cross-interrogatories; notice; service; duty of court; execution of commission Duty of commissioner in executing commission; attachment of section to commission Receipt and filing of commission; inspection Use of deposition at trial; objection to testimony Delivery of commission by agent; inability of agent to deliver.

Article 27 Crime Victim Accounts Definitions Void contracts; crime victim accounts; establishment; notice to victims; exceptions; civil liability; definition. In this chapter the authors present five reasons that God created sex, in spite of how it is misused by many. Overall, the chapter is concerned with convincing couples that sex is a blessing from God, but that it should only be experienced within the bonds of marriage. This chapter explains the male and female sex organs and how they respond to sexual stimulation.

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Some counsel is given on how to avoid or reduce pain when breaking the hymen. Emphasis is placed on the clitoris as the seat of the female orgasm. The differences between male and female orgasms are also outlined. This chapter outlines the basic steps taken during a lovemaking session. It includes preparations that should be taken, foreplay , the act itself , and the "afterglow" that follows completion of the act. They stress the importance of the husband waiting until his wife is fully aroused before entering her vagina and proceeding to orgasm.

They recommend that a couple use their honeymoon for experimentation so that they can best learn how to please their partner. The importance of clitoral stimulation to achieve female orgasm is again stressed. Male and female sexual responses are again compared and a brief discussion of positions is given.

Introduction to Race and Ethnicity

This chapter gives nine suggestions on how women can satisfy their husbands and achieve satisfaction themselves during the sex act. This chapter declares that many wives are not as satisfied by sexual encounters as they could be because they fail to achieve orgasm. Eleven reasons are given why women might experience dissatisfaction with sex and suggestions are given on how to overcome those problems.

This chapter explains how Dr. Arnold H. Kegel started training women to exercise their pubococcygeus muscle in order to curb postpartum incontinence. It was discovered that a side effect of this exercise was to improve women's ability to experience orgasm. The authors recommend an exercise regimen for women seeking to improve their sexual response. This chapter gives nineteen reasons why husbands may experience inability to maintain an erection or ejaculate and gives suggestions on how to overcome those problems.

The authors express their belief that a husband and wife should produce as many children as they can reasonably manage and deplore several reasons some give for avoiding parenthood.

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They counter with several reasons why parents should seek to have and raise children. They then give suggestions for contraception that they believe are appropriate for Christians because they are not abortifacient. They recommend, in order of reliability, birth control pills , condoms , diaphragms , vaginal foam , the rhythm method , and coitus interruptus. They recommend against permanent methods, such as vasectomy and having tubes tied.

Chapter 11 - Reproduction

The authors report the results of a survey they conducted. Their intent is to show that a Christians have more fulfilling sex lives than their non-Christian counterparts and b Christians don't have the Victorian attitudes about sex that they are stereotyped as having. In this chapter the authors advocate that the most important element to a satisfying sex life and a satisfying life overall is to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.