Tartarino di Tarascona (Italian Edition)

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About a hundred pages are given to the history of Italy, from the founding of Rome to the death of Victor Emanuel and a hundred pages are given to sketches of the lives of great Italians. Messo secolo di vita italiana. Mi- lano: Antonio Vallardi. Twenty-six popular, well informed articles, by specially quali- fied writers, abundantly illustrated and covering every phase of the development of Italy during the last fifty years : Poli- tics, army, navy, industry, art, science, literature, journalism, religion, schools, finance.

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Ultalia net suoi pro- gressi economici dal al Roma : Tipografia Popolare. A careful account of the economic progress of Italy- made during a half century — in considerable part a de- tailed statistical study. Extremely interesting is the com- parison between economic conditions in the old Italy and the new. See also "Art and the Sciences.

Vita moderna degli italiani.

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A series of sympathetic studies by a distinguished scien- tist, dealing chiefly with emigration, and the economic and social problems affecting the peasantry and working people of Italy. L'Ttalia alValha del secolo XX. Torino: Societa Tipografico-Editrice Nazionale. Together they form a clear and purposeful statement of nation- al resources, of national problems of population, political di- visions and industry, and they have made a profound impres- sion in Italy, inspiring for the practical progress of the nation.

His chief interests for many years have been the industrial development of his country — particularly southern Italy — the development of its water power, and emigration and education. This book by the great Russian pacifist is celebrated in Italy.

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Written at a time of almost national pessimism, it furnished a scientific and practical analysis of econom- ic, political and intellectual conditions, and became a true prophecy of the rapid advance of Italy during these last years. It showed Italy's capacity for leadership among Latins, based on the remarkable Italian progress in the Argentine, and it held that the union of Italy, not based on the subjugation of any part of the nation, is the type that can best be followed in a peaceful federation of Europe.

See also "Books for ChUd- ren. Bergamo: Istituto Italiano d'Arti Grafiche. Well illustrated, with maps. The Italian Alps, in their different divisions. First part general and same in all books. Second devoted to the section named in title. School books that make excellent reading. Topics, simply and very interestingly treated, are: geology, glaciers, crevasses, mountains, val- leys, rivers, lakes, clouds, fauna, flora, tunnels, agriculture, hospices, famous passes, peoples, dialects and languages, history, cities, towns, traditions, famous men, art, poetry.

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Illustrated L 2. Italy is so largely divided between mountain and shore, Italians are always interested in mountains. This title -might be translated "mountain summits and fields of ice. REY, G. Alpinismo acrobatico, Torino: S. Lattes e C. A thrilling book of mountain climbing, beautifully illus- trated.

Liguria e Toscana, i Calabria, lonica, Puglie e Marche.

Mordi e Fuggi - Dino Risi (1973) [RARO] ITA

Lazio, Campania e Sardegna, Romagna e Veneto. Bergamo : Istituto Italiano d'Arti Grafiche. Italy and the Sea. School books of splendid interest, ex- ceedingly simple and readable. All Italians are inter- — 34 — ested in the sea as in the mountains. The first part of each volume is the same and is given to the general topics indicated by the series. The second and third parts deal with the particular section of the Italian sea coast sug- gested by the title.

Each book has a clear map. Topics are of a great variety of interest: The geograpliy, his- tory and antiquities of the Italian coast, its towns and cities, industries and commerce, fisheries; the navy and merchant marine; salt making, coral, light houses and life saving, legends and descriptions, emigration; the physical, moral and economic. II bel paese. Milano: L. Stoppani was geologist, philosoplier, priest. A famed and instructive book. Talks upon the natural beauties, the geology and physical geography of Italy.

Very popular among young people. The Cities of Italy Illustrated. Milano: Sonzogno. Already published : Roma, Milano, Venezia and Torino. Give in brief and popular form the history of the great cities of Italy, including admirable descriptions of im- portant monuments, good accounts for eaoi city of its industry and commerce, education, charities, public serv- ice activities, population, traveller's guide.

Profusely and carefully illustrated. La bella Napoli, Milano : Fratelli Treves.

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  • A large and profusely illustrated book, still very satis- factory in spite of the date of its publication. Usi popolari, Catania : Cav.

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    Gian- notta. Very popular in Sicily. Deals with Sicilian folk lore and customs. Very well known, not only in Sicily, but also in Germany. Succinct and interesting record of things seen in Eritrea, Italy's first African colony, on the Red Sea. It includes not only description of places and peoples — their cliar- acter and customs — but a very careful study of the eco- nomic possibilities of the country.

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      scafenlaycore.ga Tor- ino : Fratelli Bocca. Collection of letters and dispatches to "La Stampa" of Turin, written from Tripoli in the spring and autumn of 2 Apl. Complete story of the con- quest by an eye witness. Ablest and best known writer of Nationalism — in Italy these last years a movement of reaction against socialism and internationalist anti-patri- otic ideals. He has been its precursor and apostle, callinpr for a greater faith in Italy and a more virile political policy. La conquista di Tripoli. Sopra le vie del nuovo impero. The first volume describes tbe capture of the city of Tri- poli in a series of letters that were written on the scene at the time— 6th October to 12th December, The second with the capture of the islands of the Aegean Sea and tlie problems created by the result of the African war, their moral value and effect on national character.

      La patria lontana. See "Fiction — Italian. The most popular of nationalist novels, inspired by lofty patriotism.