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Always climb up the front side. Only 1 person on the stepladder at a time unless you are using a specially designed 2-person stepladder. Keep your hips between the side rails. Never reach more than 1 foot to either side. Do NOT lean a closed stepladder against a wall. It could slip out from underneath you. When you are done with your ladder, store it in a sheltered area.

Climbing Elf with Ladder Christmas Decoration

Holiday Lighting Safety When hanging lights, follow the ladder safety tips above and use a wooden or fiberglass ladder. Check and test your Christmas lights before hanging them and turning them on. You should be looking for any frayed or damaged wires, damaged sockets, gaps in insulation, and other problems. If you notice any damage, toss them and find replacements.

Ladder Trees Will Be Your New Favorite Christmas Tree Trend

Additionally, make sure that whatever products you use are rated for the location you plan to use them in indoor or outdoor. Click here for more safety tips on purchasing electrical products. Use LEDs if you can. Incandescent lights are the classic choice, but they also use a lot more electricity, raising your utility bills and increasing the amount of heat output. LEDs reduce the risk of an electrical fire, use less energy, and last a lot longer than their alternatives. Use dimmers and colored lightbulbs instead.

You can still set the vibe for any holiday event without creating a fire hazard. Make sure they are extinguished before leaving the room or going to bed, and be sure to keep them out of reach of the young ones during the festivities. NEVER use candles on a tree or near a tree. It looks nice, but not worth the risk. Battery-powered candles can have the same effect as traditional candles when hung on a Christmas tree. Be careful not to overload your electrical circuits with too many lights and decorations.

Learn what not to do from the Griswold family. Make sure no cords are pinched or caught in between doors, windows, furniture, or any place where the insulation could get damaged. DG APP. Christmas Ladder Ornament - Assorted.

ITEM Find in Store Add to List. About this Product. Trim your tree with this rustic Christmas Ladder Ornament. More Information. Related Products. Frosty Christmas Ornament, 4ct - Assorted These frosty Christmas ornaments will add a unique finish to your tree. Check your local Dollar General store for availability..

Frosty Christmas Ornament, 4ct - Assorted. Mercury Christmas Ornament, 4ct - Assorted These mercury Christmas ornaments will add a unique finish to your tree. Mercury Christmas Ornament, 4ct - Assorted.

DIY Decorative Christmas Ladder - The Chelsea Project

Deer with Fur Christmas Ornament - Assorted For a rustic look this holiday season, add a woodland themed deer to your tree this Christmas. Harriet Tubman museum set to open in Biden releases plan to address violence against women 25 years after original bill. Watchdog calls out 'serious' challenges related to Homeland Security vacancies.

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Holiday Lighting Safety

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