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Genus : A group of animals within a family. Scientific Name : The name of the animal in science.

Type : The animal group that the species belongs to. Diet : What kind of foods the animal eats. Size : How long L or tall H the animal is.

The Stoat by John McGahern

Weight : The measurement of how heavy the animal is. Top Speed : The fastest recorded speed of the animal. Lifespan : How long the animal lives for. Lifestyle : Whether the animal is solitary or sociable.

A stoat in the kennel | Environment | The Guardian

Conservation Status : The likelihood of the animal becoming extinct. Colour : The colour of the animal's coat or markings. Skin Type : The protective layer of the animal.

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    “The Stoat” by John McGahern – Ending Analysis

    Main Prey : The food that the animal gains energy from. Predators : Other animals that hunt and eat the animal. Special Features : Characteristics unique to this animal. At least until a female great-spotted woodpecker decided the feeder was hers and the siskins moved to another.

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    Then a small movement of white at the bottom of the door of the disused dog kennel attracted my attention. There was a tiny hole and whatever it was it seemed to be peering out at something. I reached for binoculars just in time to see a white stoat dart out of the hole and push something I could not identify into the kennel. The stoat seemed almost ethereal as it scamperedaround in its ermine winter coat, looking incongruously white with no snow for camouflage. Judging by its length it was a male, as they are larger than the females, and the characteristic black tip to the tail seemed longer than usual.

    I saw this once: a cock pheasant was standing in the open, calling and flapping its wings. When the stoat saw the bird, it started running round in small circles, slowly moving towards its prey.

    The pheasant paid little attention, though it briefly stopped displaying and looked at the stoat as if mesmerised. The stoat leapt on the bird and bit it on the back of the neck. Then it briefly licked the wound, hence the myth that stoats drink the blood of their victims.