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Lynn champions women's rights in her music, singing about infidelity and even birth control. Willie Nelson is the free-wheeling persona who channels the spirit of many Texan urbanites. An icon of country music, Dolly Parton has been on the scene for over 50 years. While her greatest hit might be "Jolene," few people outside of country circles realize that she penned "I Will Always Love You," which later became a global success for Whitney Houston.

Parton even has her own theme park in Tennessee: Dollywood. You might be kicked out of Texas if you say a bad word about George Strait. His music can be characterized as a return to traditional country from the midth century but with a contemporary twist. The Oklahoma native launched her career in the mids, though she originally intended to become an elementary school teacher. Over time, the fiery redhead won over critics with hits like "You Lie" and "Fancy.

German Westerns: Popularity, Reception, Heroines, Miscegenation, Race, and Landscape

Garth Brooks is the literal rock star of country singers, giving the genre a harder, yet sensitive edge. The hat-clad singer with the Takemine guitar will tug at your heart strings with narrative songs like "If Tomorrow Never Comes," while a track like "Friends in Low Places" still makes his fans laugh whenever it's played on the radio today — nearly three decades after he got started in country.

Thousands of country-music fans flock to the Fontane House cultural center, where the annual Country Music Meeting CMM offers an exhibition area of 4, square meters 48, square feet and four stages showcasing country music acts. The event bills itself as "the pilgrimage site of country music in Europe" and includes musical performances covering the spectrum of country sound, including country rock, bluegrass, Cajun, and southern rock, to name a few. It's clear that people take the CMM pretty seriously.

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There's a merchandise stand to gladden every cowboy heart and complete the perfect Wild-West outfit. Anita Geisendorfer has come here to kick up her heels, traveling all the way from Bavaria in Germany's south. And she's certainly dressed for the occasion. I feel distinctly underdressed, my cowboy boots being my only concession to the style of the day. It's obvious she's in her element. On the main stage, the Swedish band Sentiment Falls is rocking the crowd with their contemporary country sounds. The audience seems to be enjoying it, some spontaneously breaking out their best line-dance moves.

Karl May: "Der Ölprinz" - Trailer (1965)

At least the Jack Daniels is flowing freely. They play cover versions of country golden oldies to tug at audience heartstrings. The fun factor is the band's driving force, says Kay Dee Cartwright, one of the founders of the band. Marion Freier feels the same way.

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She's one of the organizers of the the CMM and a fully fledged country fan. The event manager and DJ has spent months planning this three-day event with her team. Only a very few people know that, because the media treats the genre like an unloved stepchild," says Freier. One just has to know where to find it.

But, with year-old country singer Kacey Musgrave recently roping the Grammy Award for album of the year, perhaps it's a sign that the genre is beginning to reach wider audiences , especially outside the US. As mentioned above, they stole much of what they wanted to have. What was an Apache going to give in trade?

They might have exchanged a hide of a deer that had been prepared, some feathers of birds, or maybe some honey found in the tree, but the Apaches lived a very natural lifestyle. They did not produce or manufacture anything.

Thus, the food of the Native American prior to the arrival of the white man was intended to provide a very high energy level with very low calorie intake. It was a relatively high protein diet. The diet went from native corn, native squash, things like acorns, the nuts of the trees, mesquite beans, rabbit, squirrel, gophers, and deer to Mc Donald's, fried bread, tortillas, tacos, enchiladas, and spaghetti.

Karl-May-Festspiele 2020 “Der Ölprinz – Schwarzes Gold am Gloomy Water”

The effect is visible now that people are not healthy because of the diet they eat. They suffer, for instance, from obesity and high blood pressure. Black, white, and red were the colors the Apaches painted their faces, using different kinds of clay in the ground and ash from the fire. Fire, that reminds me of the women who were responsible for just about everything: maintaining the family, housing, making clothes, tanning the hide, and making food. Luckily, the children helped them. The way women were regarded in the 18th century was completely different from the American Indian way of thinking about women.

The kind old Indian did not have the same prejudice against women that the European people had. That idea of a woman was not part of the Native American Indian's world-view. Women were very powerful people.


Although there are over groups of Native Americans, who are all different with respect to cultural aspects, the Apaches in general were organized in what was known as a clanship band, and lineage of an Apache passed from the mother's side of the family, which means the Apaches are matrilineal. Within a particular group of people related through the mother, there would be one person who would be spokesperson and the leader for that band, but there might be ten or 15 bands within that group. The Apaches considered black people to be just colored versions of the whites.

To the American Indian, black and white races were the same. At Karl May's time, which was still in the days of slavery, black people were considered inferior by many whites. That might be reflected in his writings. Male against female, brown against white, or red, or purple, whatever the colors might be.

Native Americans cannot live that way because it destroys the balance of nature, and to them the balance of existence precludes the concept of prejudice. Also, the Apaches considered the dead to be very dangerous. When somebody died in the old days there was a very, very strong ritual on how to handle it.

Now it is different. If a person died, immediately the women in the family came in to clean the body, gather up all the things that belonged to that person, and on the fourth day from the time of death the deceased was taken out of the wickiup, or wherever that person died, and the body was hauled up into the mountains and then left outside. But the house and everything in it, except for that person's needs for the journey to the afterlife, were burnt. Even to this day the Apaches have ritualistic ceremonies. They were not traditional people, did not put people under the ground, did not dig a hole and put them in a hole.

Instead of being buried under the ground, they put them all above the ground. To later go over to a dead person's body on the anniversary of his or her day of death would have been asking their spirits' to come back, and was therefore not done! Last but not least, there were places where people specifically met to talk and have ceremonies, get together - meeting places, council places, where they went when they needed to have a meeting with different bands. Nowadays interaction takes place through sport, because the San Carlos Apaches are highly competitive people, basketball being the most popular sport on the reservation.

They are wild about it there. Add to cart. Introduction Karl May On the 25th of February, , Karl May was born into a poor weaver's family in Ernstthal, Germany, not only the fifth of 14 children, but also the first that survived. Main Body Before going into detail, I will first present the material from three of my interviews, and, secondly, the material from my questionnaire, because with them being presented it seems easier to me to discuss the subjects below: Interviews Hollis Cook On March 7, , I went to Tombstone, Arizona, "the town too tough to die.

Thank you very much for the interview, Mr. Sign in to write a comment. Read the ebook. Geschichte - Amerika Lozen. Die tapfere Kriegerin der Apachen. Informatik - Internet, neue Technologien Apache Tomcat. Informatik - Allgemeines Linuxbetriebssystem, Apache Server. Kulturwissenschaften - Sonstiges Auch ein kroatischer Wilder Westen is Informatik - Wirtschaftsinformatik Mobile Erfassung von Instandhaltungsm Publish now - it's free. Our website is secured by bit SSL encryption issued by Verisign Inc , making your shopping at Sapnaonline as secure as possible.

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